About the Game

About the game

About The Sport of Dodgeball

What is The Sport of Dodgeball?

Dodgeball is a sport in which a group of players participate in throwing the ball at the opposing team and trying to avoid contact with the ball thrown by the opposing team. The goal of the game is to eliminate all players from the opposing team to win.

How many people can play?

Dodgeball is played between two teams of six players on each team and up to six substitutes.

Rules for The Sport of Dodgeball

1- Before the start of the round, 6 players from both 

     teams stand behind the back line of the field

2- Five balls are placed on the center line. Two on the 

      left side of the field, two on the right side of the 

     field, and one in the middle.

3- The player is allowed to catch balls located on the 

     left side of the field only. As for the ball in the 

     middle, both teams can catch it.

4- The player must return the balls behind the 

      activation line before he can throw them.

5- A player is eliminated if a ball thrown from the 

     opposing team touches him in any part of his body


6- If a player catches a ball thrown at him by the 

    opposing team, the throwing player is eliminated 

    and the catcher can return his teammate who was 

     previously eliminated.


7- The player can eliminate the opposing team’s 

      player by knocking the ball out of his hand with a 

      thrown ball.

8- The player can block balls thrown at him with the 

      ball in his hand.

9- A player is eliminated if he steps on the outer 

      court lines.

About the Game


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